Now lets see why you need to Custom make a shoe....

-Have a design in mind for a shoe, but just can't seem to find it?

-Have a wedding round the corner and can't seem to get the right color, style or heel size of the shoe?

-Your shoe size is really tough to find in the market?

-Vanity your favorite sin?

Well then....Let Veruschka make the shoe for you. 

The process is very simple.

Once at the studio:

1) We will discuss the details of your shoe design and functionality of creating the shoe
you want from the various swatches and samples at our studio. 

2) You will then decide the color, material to be used, size of the heel or wedge you desire. 

3) Once we have confirmed your size and you have placed your order, we will begin making
your shoe and you should have your custom shoes within 14 days. 

It's that simple!

Email us:  or  Whatsapp us for inquiry: +919833240425